Transformation: Beginner, Intermediate, and Master Levels
Company-of-1: Start, survive,thrive & prepare mentally for success

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Like most people who travel this way you have already spent a small fortune on books and courses. You have a right to know what makes these any different and what gives me the right to think I can make a positive difference in your life.

I know how you feel. I spent a small fortune on personal development products before I found a path out of my version of quicksand. You know that feeling... the harder you try to succeed the more you seem to struggle and the more challenges seem to fall in your way. The path or program that worked for me got me out of poverty and far away from an uninspiring career to become a successful serial entrepreneur. I'm not talking about a few home-based businesses, although I have always worked from home and never for more than five hours a day. I'm talking about multi-million dollar successes. I am a late bloomer having started my first company when I was 45. So far I am 3 for 3 in a highly regulated industry and with a total enterprise value of >$300 million. It doesn't make me Google or Amazon, but then I didn't start with tens of millions in VC money. I started with $200.

My program worked for me. So what? So, I also taught it to hundreds of others along the way and many have achieved far more than I and not just in business but also in the arts. I distilled that program into a book called Three Simple Steps, which just by word of mouth became a NY Times bestseller and is now in eight languages including Spanish and Chinese. 

Authenticity in the personal development field is sadly rare. To add transparency to my program, I give all proceeds to cancer R&D and also include a direct, private email contact in the books and courses. That email brought many inspiring people into my life. They encouraged me to develop a Three Simple Steps course. It started as Physics of Success and has now evolved into Transformation. Many attendees of those courses also started their own ventures. They asked for a course about starting up a business and so Secrets to a Successful Start-up was created.

I hope that answers part of the question about who I am and what gives me the right to think I can help you. What's in it for me? It is a lot of fun. Through the process, I have met some fantastic people and shared in their adventures. I have invested in some businesses and some people have invested in mine. 

The courses are more than their multi-media content. They are a thriving community of like-minded go-getters all there to offer one another a helping hand and to share ideas. The content gets updated regularly and is always available to you. Attendees tend to stay on the course and forums throughout their new adventures because in truth, misery loves company and the winner's path is not as well traveled.

Most people who take these courses do so because deep down there is a gnawing feeling of missing out on all the joy life has to offer. Everywhere he or she looks are people who seem happier, wealthier, more fulfilled, but far less capable. There is a sense of missing out on something.

When you complete either or both your life as you know it now will disappear. This course exists because the rest of your life is at stake.

Magic is the changing of something into something else, within the laws of nature, using only the power of will. When magic is applied to a human TRANSFORMATION is the result. When applied to a business, the glass ceiling shatters.